In California, the lucky ones on a boat saw a flock of 1000 dolphins

11 months ago

Whale watchers were amazed when they saw a “super pack” of more than 1,000 dolphins during a trip to Laguna Beach, California.

Newport Coastal Adventure, a whale watching travel agency, has shared a video of the event, with hundreds of dolphins jumping over waves as the boat passes by.

Dolphins are very social and sociable beings who live in groups. Some studies suggest that dolphins use different vocalizations or names to identify friends and rivals, form long bonds and help each other by raising offspring. Dolphins usually travel in groups of several dozens of individuals, but there are also “superstay” – more than 10,000 individuals. In this case, the group has several subgroups, each of which consists of 20-30 individuals, which are associated with age, gender or relationship. Such large flocks are often formed within a short period of time during courtships or hunting for prey. For example, hundreds of dolphins were immediately spotted near Monterey Bay, California, on Labor Day last year. Something similar happened in Laguna Beach – according to Newport Coastal Adventure, dolphins were seen chasing fish.

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