11 months ago

In California, the zoo commented on reports of a tiger who broke free

11 months ago

Alameda County (California) officials caught up in a great deal of panic, reporting a tiger at large outside Auckland Zoo on June 1.

“Tiger Freedom Report about 98th Ave at Golf Links“ According to www.usa.one. If you see an animal, call 911, ”the Alameda County Sheriff’s office said in a statement. Fortunately for the residents of Auckland, the sheriff’s office and the zoo representatives soon noted that “all the tigers in the Auckland Zoo have been checked – they are in place.” “Messages that any of our animals are outside the zoo are false,” the zoo said. “The driver of the local bus gave the fake message to the sheriff.”

The Auckland police have not yet commented on the driver’s motive – and whether he will bear responsibility for his “joke” “According to www.usa.one. However, local residents reacted with humor to the situation and first asked law enforcement officers for a “detailed description of the tiger,” and when it became known that the alarm was false, they added that they would not be surprised if an asteroid arrives on Earth soon, because “this year is rich in surprises “. And in response to a zoo tweet, they asked “to confirm that you are not a tiger.”

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