In Canada, a shield has appeared with a call not to let elks lick cars

In social networks, photos of the electronic road sign with an appeal to prevent elks from licking cars were distributed. The author of the photo writes that such a shield is installed in the Canadian province of Alberta.

The fact that moose are very fond of technical salt, which is sprinkled with icy roads. Especially a lot of it is collected on the front bumpers of cars, so animals just can’t pass by a parked car, explains the Snopes edition.

In the Jasper (Alberta) National Park, they said they had faced the problem of moose lickers a few years ago, but now it is becoming more widespread. National Park since 2016 in every way asks visitors to scare the animals by ringing a car or at least not to stop deliberately, so that the moose could not get close.

However, those willing to consider the amazing spectacle still remain, so local officials have to invent new types of warnings.

This kind of behavior of dried people running on roads in search of salt is also familiar to Russian regions. Salt helps animals make up for the shortage of trace elements in winter.

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