In Canada, baby sea otter helps people escape pandemic depression

In Canada, a small baby sea otter (sea otter) has become a real psychologist and helps many people get rid of depression, which they developed against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands of people from all over the world watch videos about the life of this cute animal on social networks every day.

The kid named Joey was first discovered on the banks of Kukuot, near Vancouver. On the day they found him, tourists noticed strange sounds, and, coming closer, examined their source – it turned out to be little Joey. By the way, the mother of the animal was later found killed. Caring people wrapped the baby in a jacket and handed it over to the specialists of the Marine Animal Rescue Center.

“When he was first brought to us, he weighed only 1.5 kilograms. He looked about three months old then, ”the veterinarians say.

The staff of the center gave attention and care to the baby otter, supplementing it with enhanced nutrition. Now he already weighs about 10 kilograms and is not at all afraid of people. And for some time now I also discovered acting skills. Every day, the staff of the center shoot and publish small videos about Joey’s life on social networks. Now he has thousands of fans from around the world who leave cute comments under each new video with the animal and ask to show it on the video more often.

“He is no longer just a TV star, but also a psychologist. Recently, we began to receive letters in which many people thank Joey, because he helped them cope with depression and other nervous disorders, which have become more common due to the pandemic and quarantine measures, ”the aquarium staff emphasize.