In Canada, the death of 38 puppies transported by UIA was confirmed

11 months ago

In Canada, the death of 38 puppies, which were transported from Kiev to Toronto by Ukraine International Airlines, was confirmed

This was reported by CityNews Toronto, citing information from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Government Food Canada).

On Saturday, June 13th, a flight with about 500 puppies landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Upon arrival, it turned out that 38 dogs were killed and many others suffered from dehydration, weakness, or vomiting.

The source of the National Post said that about 500 puppies, including 200 French bulldogs, had only 300 cages. The temperature during loading was above 30 ° C, which caused the animals to suffer noticeably. Many dogs were put in cages without mobility and without air circulation. Then the pallets were transported to the lower compartment of the aircraft, where air circulates very poorly.

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