In ‘Chicago Med’ Yaya DaCosta Returning as April Sexton.

The 8th season of Chicago Med premiered on Wednesday and was sure to be a hit with fans following an unexpected appearance by Yaya DaCosta.

He was 39 years old. played ED nurses April Sexton on the show from the first season to the sixth and also played the part on Chicago Fire along with crossovers on Chicago P.D.

DaCosta was a part-time cast member of Chicago Med at the end of season 6. However, season 8 marked DaCosta’s return to the show along with showrunners Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov have shared the implications of this for DaCosta’s future.

In the premiere of season 8 DaCosta’s April came back as she was visited by Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) was able to see her paying her respects at her father’s tombstone.

The ex-lovers were friendly with one other, and they discussed the fact that neither had been married since they parted ways in season 6. April stated that she is now working as nurse at the University of Illinois in Chicago.In season 6 April was a patient at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center to take on a new job following her acceptance into a nurse practitioner’s program.Schneider along with Frolov have stated that the premiere of season 8 isn’t the last time viewers get to see DaCosta’s character in the show.

Ahead of an interview on TVLine the show’s showrunners stated that DaCosta was set to return in April begins on Chicago Med however, they didn’t say whether she would be returning as an ongoing cast member or only performing guest appearances.

DaCosta hosted on the series Our Kind of People after leaving Chicago Med, but the show was pulled within one season. Schneider and Frolov stated they believed that the Fox show’s cancellation was not a result of DaCosta’s return.

Schneider stated: “That wasn’t why. It was an idea that we had last season to bring her back for Dr. Choi, and [DaCosta] was amenable to come back. It wasn’t like we were waiting for her series to get cancelled. The timing happened to work out well for us.”

Frolov said: “And she will be back in the next couple of episodes. There will be an important narrative. “When the question was asked about when viewers may be expecting DaCosta to return to this show Frolov confirmed that the character will be returning in episode 5 while Schneider stated that the viewers’ concerns about the character, particularly their relationship to Ethan and Ethan, are likely to “be answered” in future episodes.

In a reflection on the growth of April after becoming a nurse, Schneider said: “She’s quite different. She’s matured both emotionally and professionally and this really enhances the transformations that have taken place in Ethan’s life emotionally. “Is Yaya DaCosta Returning as April in Chicago Med?

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