In Chicago, there were 18 murders per day – this is the deadliest day in 60 years

11 months ago

At the end of May in Chicago, Illinois, 18 people were killed in 24 hours – and it was the deadliest day in Windy City in about six decades.

The killings, including a student and a freshman college, occurred on May 31, when the city faced ongoing civil unrest following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. According to data provided by the Chicago Sun-Times, the University of Chicago forensic laboratory, May 31 was the cruelest day Chicago experienced in about 60 years.

“We have never seen anything like this,” said Max Kapustin, senior research director at the crime lab. Considering the whole weekend, 25 people were killed in the city from the evening of May 29 to May 31, and another 85 people were injured by shots, which makes those days the most cruel in the modern history of the City of the Winds.

“The department is actively working to bring justice to all affected residents as a result of these senseless acts of violence,” said police spokesman Thomas Ahern. According to Ahern, police authorities canceled the weekend for all law enforcement officers from May 30.

This move allowed the department to deploy “full force” to areas in the south and west of Chicago. Among those killed on May 31 was Angelo Bronson, a 36-year-old father of two children, two 18-year-old students, Lazarra Daniels and Keishanay Bolden. Keishanay Bolden, who studied at Western Illinois University, wrote material against violence with weapons last year.

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