In China, because of disagreements with Australia, it was recommended that fellow citizens do not go to this country

11 months ago

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China on the eve advised its citizens not to go to Australia due to the increase in racist sentiments in this country, the Associated Press reported on Saturday.

“The ministry advises Chinese tourists to think more about their safety and avoid traveling to Australia,” the agency quoted extracts from his statement.

According to him, “in Australia, in connection with the pandemic (coronavirus – IF) COVID-19, in words and in fact, there has been an increase in racial discrimination and acts of violence against Chinese and Asians.”

AP recalls that tensions are growing between Beijing and Canberra.

Thus, the Australian authorities called for an international investigation into the sources of origin of COVID-19 and the response to the epidemic. At the same time, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison emphasized that, no doubt, the virus originated in China, and the international community needs to clarify the circumstances of the appearance of coronavirus.

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