11 months ago

In China, commented on the US act in the Barents Sea

11 months ago

The fact is that at the beginning of the previous week, 3 US destroyers and 1 United Kingdom invaded the Barents Sea.

Representatives of these vessels said that they enjoyed the right of navigation in international lands. But we, then you are not fools who will lead to this nonsense. The problem is that they have not sailed there for too long.

And it’s no secret that this place is clearly far from simple. It is very necessary for Russia. There is a port that does not freeze (Murmansk).

There are a lot of resources that our country uses fish, oil and gas.

And here it is immediately clear that this is nothing more than a provocation.
Which is exactly what the Chinese analysts from Sohu (edition) confirm. They called this evil act, as an attempt to shake the nerves of the Russian Federation.

But here it is necessary to pay due attention to the fact that the Russian leadership did not decide to give this curious event any kind of publicity, so we can completely agree that they did not lead to this terrible provocation.

Americans constantly provoke other countries into conflicts, from which they themselves quickly dump. But as it became known later, the American command was informed that if this did not stop and the destroyers would continue their approach, then most likely they would receive it by cabbage soup.

Something but our fleet is not bad, but it’s worth considering how it can all end if it doesn’t break out in a military conflict, as ordinary people will suffer, and it’s not easy for us even now.

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