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In China, developed a prototype engine that works literally in the air

In China, developed a prototype engine that works literally in the air

Talk that the use of hydrocarbons has already exhausted itself and it’s time to switch to alternative energy sources has been going on for a long time. Furthermore. Such attempts are already being made, take, for example, the same electric cars. However, no breakthrough steps in this direction have yet taken place and the reason for this lies in the fact that big business is not interested in such innovations, since the transfer of production to alternative energy sources will automatically entail enormous expenses for the replacement of existing equipment.

Nevertheless, scientists from different countries continue to work on finding a solution to what can replace oil and gas, which today are the main sources of energy produced. And I must say that such attempts can not be called fruitless.

So, Chinese scientists have developed a prototype engine that works on plasma, obtained by ionizing air with microwave radiation. In other words, only air and electricity will be needed to get energy. Moreover, during the presentation of this device, the developers said that very soon they will be able to achieve from their product the generation of such an amount of energy that is generated by powerful engines of jet aircraft. Of course, this is still a long way off, but the very idea of ​​getting energy literally from the air seems very interesting and innovative to us. And given that the cost of such energy will be extremely low, such devices have every chance of becoming a reality in the near future.

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