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In China, explained why the United States impedes the sales of the Su-35

In China, explained why the United States impedes the sales of the Su-35

Against the backdrop of the growing popularity of the Russian multi-purpose fighter Su-35, as well as the active counteraction to its export to countries of the world by the United States in China, there were three reasons why Washington will constantly interfere with its sales! Moreover, China gave a detailed explanation of why and what forces the US to actively oppose the sales of the Russian Su-35 fighter!

Yes Yes. It was in China that they named three reasons why the United States will actively impede the promotion of the Russian, multi-functional, over-maneuverable fighter of the 4 “++” generation, Su-35 for export!

Probably many are now surprised why in China they noted the Su-35 fighter, and not all of Russia’s weapons that are exported to other countries? Frankly, this moment surprised me more than the reasons and explanations that were given in China! But be that as it may, I suggest starting with the details of what happened for the sake of completeness!

So, the quite popular Chinese edition of “Sohu” published material, the authors of which told why the United States of America is interfering and will continue to actively oppose the sale of Su-35 for export! Moreover, the authors named the reasons and gave a detailed explanation of why Washington will do this!

In general, the authors of the Chinese publication note that today the United States and Russia are leaders in the field of arms sales. Where in general, American weapons are declared as high-tech and highly productive, but Russian weapons, on the contrary, are considered to be simple, inexpensive, reliable, efficient and durable in the world! Which, in turn, according to the authors, led to competition between countries.

Moreover, the authors of the Chinese publication say that in addition to competition in the United States, they are well aware that Russian weapons are effective and often surpass American models in their characteristics. Citing the Su-35 fighter as an example, which, according to the statement, although it belongs to fourth-generation fighters, it is much better and more effective than the American F-35! Which, according to the statement, led to the fact that the United States began to resort to political leverage in order to counteract the export promotion of the Russian Su-35 fighter!

Moreover, the experts of the Chinese publication name three main reasons why the states, despite the fact that their weapons are considered high-tech and reproductive, will actively interfere with the sales of the Su-35.

The authors call the first reason the geopolitical factor! Moreover, this is explained by the fact that today the sale of weapons expands military-technical cooperation between countries and strengthens political ties. Thus, the United States uses its influence so that countries choose their weapons, since this is what allows the United States to oust Russia from the world’s arms markets, thereby allowing states to increase their geopolitical influence in the world, since the sale of weapons is a direct continuation of politics imposed hegemony!

The second reason the experts of the Chinese publication call the economic factor! Moreover, this is explained by the fact that the United States has long been pursuing a policy of economic containment against Russia.

It is noted that the states are deliberately pursuing this policy to artificially restrain Russia’s economic development, by imposing sanctions and exerting pressure on the countries of the world, the United States is thereby trying to influence the military-industrial sector of Russia, as well as reduce the number of orders for the Russian armament. Since this will reduce the flow of foreign funds into the economy of our country.

And the most interesting thing at this moment is that, according to the authors of the Chinese publication, Russian weapons are now gaining active popularity in the world due to the fact that it shows itself to be more effective and at the same time not so expensive. What the states really dislike, as they understand that now many countries traditionally bought from the United States are beginning to consider buying from Russia, in particular the very Su-35 fighter, which creates direct competition to the American F-35 and other American fighters. At the same time, the authors note that in this case, the popularity and sales of American weapons, in particular the fighters themselves, as well as components and spare parts for it, will affect the US economy and geopolitical influence!

The third reason the US is hindering the sale of the Su-35 fighter and, as noted, will continue to do so further, lies directly in the Su-35 itself, or rather in its characteristics.

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