In China, five cases of coronavirus were recorded per day

11 months ago

In mainland China, three new cases of the active course of diseases caused by coronavirus have been registered over the past day, two asymptomatic patients have been identified, the Goskomzdrav of China reported on its official website.

All patients in active form arrived from abroad in Guangdong, both asymptomatic cases are also “imported”.

No deaths associated with coronavirus have been reported.

Over the previous day, five new active cases of coronavirus infection and three asymptomatic patients were recorded.

Since December last year, 4,634 people became victims of coronavirus in China, 83,030 active cases of infection were registered, of which 1,771 were imported from abroad.

In the Chinese territories outside the mainland, three new cases of infection were detected per day, all in Hong Kong. Since December last year, 1,587 cases of the disease have been confirmed in three districts: in Hong Kong – 1,102 (with four deaths), in Macau – 45, in Taiwan – 443 (seven deaths).

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