10 months ago

In Europe, looking for alien life

10 months ago

Scientists increasingly believe that alien life can exist on the moon of Jupiter – Europe.

According to a new study, Europe may have the conditions necessary to sustain life. It is believed that the inner part of the planet is liquid water, and if it also has a stable source of heat, life can exist or even flourish there. Future missions to explore Europe may reveal signs of it.

Of all the worlds in our solar system, the frosty moon of Jupiter is on the short list where we can find life, astrophysicists say. The surface of Europe is a frosty crust that covers the inland ocean. In the depths of the moon, there is enough heat to support living organisms.

A new round of research by a team led by Mohit Melwani Daswani from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory suggests that not only does the ocean of water exist, but that the interior of the moon can be divided into separate layers suitable for living.

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