In France, the detainee released on suspicion of arson of a migrant cathedral

In France, they released a migrant detained on suspicion of arson of the Cathedral of Peter and Paul in Nantes, without charge. BFMTV reports.

It is known that the 39-year-old visitor was a volunteer in the cathedral and was supposed to close the door with a key on July 18, the day of the fire. Presse Ocean notes that law enforcement officials have concluded that he was not involved in a fire. The police noted that it was a check, the man was detained so that the investigators could evaluate the “contradictions in his schedule”.

The fire in the temple occurred on July 18 at about 7:30 local time and was extinguished in the evening of the same day. No injuries were reported. It is known that the prosecutor’s office does not rule out the version of deliberate arson. At the same time, no traces of breaking into the cathedral were found.

Cathedral of Peter and Paul was founded in 1434 and was built until 1891. This is one of the largest Gothic churches in France – it is only six meters lower in height than Notre Dame Cathedral.