In France there is talk of war with Great Britain

In France there is talk of war with Great Britain

Great Britain can get a new “Falklands conflict” under its side, if it will not agree with the European Union on the fisheries.

This is his response to London’s intention to send warships to protect its waters from the ships of the EU countries. The politician noted that this talk would amuse someone’s ego, but would not help to solve the problem. Instead, Cuvillier stressed, British ships could help rescue migrants. “People are dying out there,” the head of town reminded him.

Problems with fishermen’s access to British waters have been a key issue in the negotiations. The agreement needs to be in place by Jan. 1, 2021, but Brexit will likely take place without it.

In October, Belgian politicians even tried to use the indefinite permit issued by King Charles II in 1666 as an argument. The consequences of such an idea are unknown.

Analysts expect a possible deal breakdown to hit Britain even harder than the coronavirus crisis, but London remains adamant. The country wants to use four Royal Navy patrol ships to control its waters. They will have the right to stop EU ships and confiscate the catch. A navy source pointed out that they would not shoot at the fishing vessels, but could take them to port.

The conflict over the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) between Britain and Argentina lasted from April to June 1982. A total of nearly a thousand lives were lost on both sides. The countries restored diplomatic relations only in 1989, but Buenos Aires still considers the islands as its territory.