In France, vandals destroyed a Turkish butcher’s shop

In France, vandals destroyed a Turkish butcher’s shop. It is reported by the Medyaturk portal.

In the suburbs of Nantes, unidentified persons attacked a Lokum store that sells halal products. They smashed shop windows, overturned objects inside, and inflicted racist and Islamophobic language on the walls and façade.

“France for the French!” – reads one of the inscriptions. Long live the pig, it says on the other wall. The vandals also wished death to the Turks and wrote that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is dead.

The owner of the shop, Kadir Bulut, said that such things have happened for the second time in the past three days. He also noticed the inscription L214 on the wall of the store, the name of the French organization for the protection of animal rights. They said that they have nothing to do with acts of vandalism, and stressed that most vegans are in favor of a peaceful solution of issues and are fighting not with individuals, but with the system as a whole.

At the end of October, a series of armed attacks took place in France amid the conflict between President Emmanuel Macron and Muslim communities. In particular, on October 29, in Nice, in the Church of Notre Dame de Nys, a knife attack was carried out by a native of Tunisia, Ibrahim al-Awisawi. The attack killed three people, while two of the victims had their throats cut. The attacker was wounded by the police during the arrest, he was hospitalized. The previously unknown group “Al-Mahdi in the south of Tunisia” claimed responsibility for the incident.