In Germany, men raised helicopters in search of a crossbow armed

In Germany, police are looking for a man armed with a crossbow who is hiding in the forests of the Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg. It is reported by the Daily Mail.

Oppenau residents reported the appearance of a strange man in camouflage with a weapon to the police. He was spotted near a hut north of the city. A police patrol arrived at the scene, but the offender disarmed law enforcement officers, after which he fled with the selected pistols in the forest.

Helicopters raised the 31-year-old Yves Rausch in search of more than 100 special forces with dogs. The police blocked some roads, established checkpoints and urged drivers not to pick up travel companions, but residents to stay at home until the operation was completed.

It is noted that the man previously clashed with the police, including due to violations of the law on weapons.