10 months ago

In Germany, threatened to introduce penalties for gas from the United States

10 months ago

Germany may introduce penalties for gas from the United States if the pressure on Nord Stream 2 does not end. On Friday, June 5, said the head of the Bundestag committee on energy Klaus Ernst.

“If this (US actions regarding the project. – Ed.) Finally does not stop, we must consider serious measures in order to protect ourselves. For example, there may be penalties for US natural gas. ”

Earlier, on June 5, the representative of the Alternative for Germany faction in the Bundestag, Steffen Kotre, said that Berlin should respond with sanctions on Washington’s new actions against Nord Stream 2.

On June 4, a bill to expand sanctions against Nord Stream 2 was submitted to the US Senate. Senators have proposed sanctions against insurance companies working with the vessels involved in the project.

In December 2019, the United States also imposed sanctions on Nord Stream 2. For this reason, the Swiss pipeline company Allseas withdrew its pipe-laying vessels from the Baltic Sea and stopped operations.

Nord Stream 2 is being built from Russia to Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea in order to ensure direct gas supplies to Europe. Of the 2.46 thousand km of the gas pipeline, 2.3 thousand have already been laid, and Russia plans to complete the remaining section by itself. It is assumed that this can be done by the Russian ship-laying vessel Akademik Chersky.

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