In Haifa they want to close a petrochemical plant

2 weeks ago

The National Economic Council has recommended that the petrochemical industry be closed within ten years.

The announcement was made on Monday, April 26.

The recommendations of the National Economic Council, headed by Professor Avi Simhon, would put an end to the Bazan refinery, which has long been accused of polluting the environment.

The plan calls for dismantling the refineries over the next 10 years. The draft will be brought up for discussion, after which a final recommendation will be submitted to the government.

The report says that the presence of the petrochemical industry in the heart of Haifa hinders economic and urban development. Cancer and other diseases in local residents related to pollution are listed among the reasons cited in the demand to close the plants.

“Eliminating hazardous materials and stopping emissions will lead to the opening of new businesses, the creation of environmentally friendly industries and positive migration to the area,” commented Environment Minister Gila Gamliel, who is also pushing for the closure of the refineries.

Recall that in February there was an accident at the Bazan refinery. The flame burned intensely for about 10 minutes.