In Hitler’s secret shelter in Argentina they found photos and coins

In Hitler's secret shelter in Argentina they found photos and coins

Archeologists studied the secret shelter in Argentina, which was supposedly intended for the leaders of Nazi Germany.

The find was told about by former American Special Forces Tim Kennedy and veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Bob Baer. According to them, Hitler’s shelter is 600 miles north of Buenos Aires. The locals even invented legends explaining the location of three unknown buildings in a remote region.

During the excavations, archaeologists found in the buildings a common photo of the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on a walk, as well as a box of 1940 with gold coins, which were made in Germany during the Second World War. A photograph of a child dressed in Nazi uniform with a swastika on his arm was found in the same place.

Earlier in November, it was reported that in newsstands Eagle put up for sale postage stamps with the image of Hitler. The average cost of such stamp in the city was 290 rubles. The local office of “Rospechat” stressed that the sale of stamps does not violate the law.

In August 2016, Brunhilde Pomzel, Secretary of the German Minister of Public Education and Promotion Joseph Goebbels, said that she had to monitor the stock of alcohol in Hitler’s bunker. Alcoholic beverages were used by shelter dwellers to keep ‘insensitive’.