In Hong Kong, due to the coronavirus, the election was postponed to 2021

The Hong Kong government has postponed the September elections to the Legislative Council for a year due to the growing number of coronavirus patients

This was reported by the British television and radio company BBC.

According to the head of the Hong Kong administration Kerry Lam, the decision to postpone the election “is the most difficult in the last seven months.”

“This postponement was made solely on the basis of public security considerations, there were no political considerations,” she said.

But opposition politicians say that under local election laws, they can only be postponed for 14 days, and a longer delay “will cause a constitutional crisis in the city.”

According to MP Tanya Chan, pro-government politicians are more concerned with “their own election prospects” than “the seriousness of the pandemic.”

More than 100 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Hong Kong every day for the past 10 days. The total is still lower than in many other parts of China, but Lam says Hong Kong is now experiencing a so-called third wave. She noted that the city is on the verge of a “large-scale outbreak” that could lead to a “collapse” in health care.