Unknown chemical can be related to a series of strange death.
In the resort in Dominican Republic under mysterious circumstances within five days died three tourists. Autopsy established that respiratory insufficiency became a cause of death of all three. However, what it caused while it is unknown.

The former vacationer of hotel notes that a series of death can speak poisoning with unknown chemical.

The situation received a resonance at the end of May. Then under strange circumstances the 41-year-old American Miranda Shaup Shaup-Verner died. On May 25 she together with the husband, Dan Shaup-Verner, moved into in Grand Bahia Principe hotel in San Pedro’s city – Makori – there couple planned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the wedding.
The woman took pictures from number balcony when unexpectedly her health promptly worsened. In spite of the fact that the medical team of hotel tried to provide to Miranda first aid, the woman died before she was managed to be taken to hospital.

One of Miranda’s relatives, Jay Mac-Donald, told that, according to Dominican police, Miranda Shaup-Verner died of a pulmonary edema and respiratory insufficiency.
In turn representatives of hotel in the official statement noted that the woman died of heart attack, and her husband – Danijel Franck Shaup-Verner – confirmed that she had heart troubles.
But Miranda Shaup-Verner fell only the first victim. Five day later, on May 30, the similar situation happened to couple of Americans – Cynthia Ann Dai and Nathanael Edward Holmes.

Still, on May 26 couple did a post of the photo of the rest on Facebook and enjoyed life.
And four days later, on May 30, both were found the dead in the Bahia Principe La Romana hotel room – in the building which adjoins to in what Miranda Shaup Shaup-Verner died, and belongs to the same hotel chain.
The national police of Dominican Republic began investigation of an incident. According to preliminary results of autopsy, Dai and Holmes died of the fact that their lungs were filled with water that resulted in respiratory insufficiency.

Law enforcement authorities found medicines for blood pressure in the room of couple and three small bottles with the medicine prescribed by it. So, one of them contained 5 milligrams of anesthetic – opioid under the name oxycodone. No signs of violence were found in all three cases.
Now law enforcement authorities also expect results of toxicological examination. The public and relatives of the dead puzzle over strange death.