In India, villagers came to the bank with a neighbor’s corpse

In India, villagers came to the bank with a neighbor's corpse

In one of the Indian villages a lonely man who lived on his neighbor’s handouts died. The villagers discovered he had a sizable bank account and decided to take it to spend on the funeral.

The man was 55 years old and his body was discovered hours after his death. According to neighbors, he had been ill for a long time, he was helped by villagers: provided him with food and clothes.

The peasants searched the house of the deceased to find something of value to pay for the funeral. The only thing they found was a savings account with $1600 in it.

After taking it and the man’s corpse, the villagers went to the bank to ask for the necessary amount from the cremation account. They refused to leave the office until they were paid $135. The bank employees’ siege lasted more than an hour.

As a reminder, in 2019, residents of an Indian village rescued an elephant who had fallen into a well. And in April, in another village in India, hundreds of residents took to the streets to honor a sacred bull.с