In Indiana, locals tried to lynch activist

The FBI is investigating an attempt to lynch civil rights activist Vauhxx Booker by a group of white men on a lake in southern Indiana.

Booker stated that white people pinned him to a tree, shouted racial insults and threatened to hang him. The FBI has announced an investigation into the attack and an alleged attempt to lynch a member of the Monroe County Human Rights Commission. The incident occurred on July 4.

Most of the attack was captured on video from a cell phone by Booker’s acquaintances. The record shows a 36-year-old man on all fours, whom a white man is forcibly holding by a tree, and part of the witnesses behind the scenes demand that the activist be released.

Booker’s lawyer Catherine Lyell says the FBI is questioning witnesses and that prosecution decisions could be made shortly. She is seeking an investigation into the incident as a hate crime.