In Kentucky, the bulldog became the mayor of Rabbit Hash

In the United States, the Historical Society has elected a new “mayor” in one of the townships. This time it was the bulldog Wilbur Beast, who collected a record number of votes and donations to the administration.

Thus, it is not the first time that the mayor in Rabbit Hash has been elected. But this year there is a record turnout in the elections, and the new candidate has the largest percentage of votes. But it seems that he is not very happy with the powers that have collapsed on him.

Rabbit Hash is a special status area in the state of Kentucky. This means that there cannot be its own mayor and authorities. But, apparently, people became bored with living without the mayor, and in 1998 they first arranged such fun. Each was asked to vote for the candidate dog. At the same time, every dollar donated was counted as a vote.

The money collected during the elections was used to restore the church. The powers of each “mayor” were limited to four years. The first two dogs, however, did not live to see the end of their term. But the third mayor – border collie Lucy Lou – “served” in office for two whole terms, after which she “resigned.”

Now Rabbit Hash has chosen a new “mayor” – a French bulldog named Wilbur. In the “elections” he collected 13,143 votes – a record. Wilbur ousted incumbent mayor Brynnet Poltro, a pit bull rescued by the villagers and elected as their canine mayor in 2017. The collected money, according to the organizers of the event, will traditionally go to the restoration of local historical buildings.