In Kiev, published a conversation “Biden and Poroshenko” about sabotage in the Crimea

In the next portion of the recordings of the negotiations “Poroshenko and Biden” published in Ukraine, it was about a sabotage operation in Crimea in August 2016. The President of Ukraine officially denied that she had a seat

Ukrainian deputy Andrei Derkach has published a telephone conversation during which people with voices similar to those of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden discuss a sabotage operation in Crimea that took place in August 2016.

Derkach’s press conference was broadcast by ZIK.

Biden told Poroshenko that the then US President Barack Obama is very dissatisfied with what happened. According to Biden, Crimea is the territory “occupied” by Russia, but this problem needs to be solved only by political methods, without the use of military force or sabotage methods. Moreover, according to him, even before the operation, Washington warned Kiev about the inadmissibility of such steps.

“As you know, we intervened once before this happened, when we learned that the General Staff was taking certain steps. We made it clear that we do not support this. You took a step back, but the next day it happened. I’ll tell you frankly, he [Barack Obama] is not enthusiastic about this, ”Biden said.

He further recalled that the head of military intelligence of Ukraine received a clear signal about the categorical rejection of the US planned diversion operations against Russian military facilities in Crimea.