In Los Angeles, fewer and fewer people make movies.

In Los Angeles, fewer and fewer people make movies.

Filming in Los Angeles in November decreased by 8%. Analysts believe that the 2020 elections, Thanksgiving and the COVID-19 pandemic are to blame.

Filming in Los Angeles fell for the first time since the industry received the green light to resume filming in the wake of the pandemic. According to FilmLA, monthly resolution volumes declined in November, with applications falling nearly 8 percent to 813 from 880 in October. Daily admissions averaged about 39 new applications per working day.

In the 24 weeks since the Los Angeles County reopened for filming in June, FilmLA received approximately 3,552 applications for filming permits for 2,514 unique projects. “The November reduction in production reflects the ongoing complexity of the moment. Everything depends on effective public control over COVID-19,” said FilmLA president Paul Audley.

Photography and advertising also remain major areas of production, accounting for 44 percent of November’s total permit requests. Television production represents the second largest share of recent approvals, at 29 percent.

About 40 feature films started shooting in November in Greater Los Angeles, but these were mostly low-budget projects.