In Nevada, a man interrupts a report on the counting of votes, accusing Biden of “stealing the election”

On Wednesday, November 4, a man interrupted live news coverage of the Clark County election in Nevada, screaming that Democratic candidate Joe Biden was “stealing the election.”

The men appeared behind receptionist Joe Gloria as he told reporters how many ballots were left in the county. “As I said, we are not ready to provide this information,” he says to the tapes, before being interrupted by an unknown person. A man wearing a white T-shirt that says “BBQ, Beer, Freedom,” starts shouting, “Biden’s crime family is trying to steal the election. The media are hiding it. “

“We want freedom! – he continues – Give us freedom, Joe Biden. ” After that, the man once again accuses Biden of “theft” and leaves. According to the NYT, Biden is currently ahead of incumbent President Trump in Nevada with 49.3% of the vote. In total, 86% of the votes have already been counted in the state.