In New Jersey, grateful customers left $ 1,000 for restaurant employees

New Jersey restaurant employees thought that someone made a mistake when they saw that one of the customers left them … $ 1 thousand

Allison Smith and her colleagues at the Starving Artist restaurant in Ocean Grove had to carefully study the $ 43 bill for breakfast that one family ordered on the weekend of July 4 to realize that there was no mistake. “I just was speechless. – Smith recalls. – I had to look at the check about ten times. “

It turned out that clients who had left generous tips came to the restaurant for 20 years – and that day they attached a small note with thanks to them. “Thank you so much for your work during this difficult time! “The visitors wrote,“ You are an integral part of the Ocean Grove community, and our family is looking forward to seeing you every summer. ” The co-owner of the restaurant, Arnold Teisher, had difficulty restraining his feelings, telling NBC reporters about the amazing behavior of the clients.

“My workers deserve it. – He stressed – They work tirelessly and do everything in their power to help us stay afloat. I am incredibly touched. ” Tipping was shared among all 7 employees who worked that day. Each of them received more than $ 100. “It’s nice to know that we are no less important for customers than they are for us,” said one of the employees of Melissa Bridge.