In New York, a millionaire was killed and sawn

In a home in New York, police discovered a man’s body and an electric saw lying nearby. About it writes Daily News.

The 33-year-old millionaire Fahim Saleh was killed. The apartment in which he was found, he bought last year for 2.25 million dollars.

“We have a torso and separate heads, arms and legs. Everything is in place, ”said Carlos Nives, city police official. At the same time, he clarified that the investigation does not represent what became the motive for the murder.

Sources of the newspaper found out that there was a video from a surveillance camera in the elevator of the house, on which the killer was captured with his victim. The interlocutor of the publication claims that Saleh fell to the floor immediately after the elevator doors opened – presumably, he was either shot or paralyzed by a shocker. All this, including also inconspicuous clothes of the criminal, speaks about the professionalism of the killer.

Saleh created a motorcycle rental company, and also engaged in venture activities.