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In South Carolina, a mother and two of her daughters were shot by a man in a murder-suicide

In South Carolina, a mother and two of her daughters were shot by a man in a murder-suicide

Mom and her two daughters were shot dead in a suicide killing in South Carolina after she had a big fight with her partner. It’s reported by SUN.

Shanta Singleton, 37, and her two daughters, Essence, 15, and Trevay, 12, were killed. The other two children managed to escape from home. On 16 May, Singleton was returning home after celebrating her birthday in Myrtle Beach with four daughters. At one point, they noticed they were being followed. The man being watched was Gabriel Jordan, with whom Singleton had been in a relationship for many years.

According to Calhoun County Sheriff Thomas Summers, Singleton had previously told Jordan that their relationship was over and had been on the beach with another man she was now seeing. When they came home (Bugleflower Lane, 145) there was a quarrel between Singleton and Jordan.

According to the incident report, Singleton’s children were trying to help her when Jordan started strangling their mother. 12-year-old Trevay jumped on Jordan’s back and he shot her. Then he shot 18-year-old Chantasia Stroman in the arm. When Chantasia ran to her neighbor’s house for help, she saw Jordan with a gun chasing her 15-year-old sister Essence in the house. Essence’s body was later found by the police in the bedroom. A few moments later, he killed their mother and then himself. The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department responded to the call around 7:00 on Sunday and found the bodies of four people who had been killed by gunfire. Linda Grant, a neighbor who lives on Bogleflower Lane, told Times and Democrat:

“This is sad. I really can’t even fully understand what happened. It’s terrible when it affects adults, but when it involves children, it’s just unbelievable.

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