In South Korea, they talked about undermining confidence in the United States because of Bolton’s book

11 months ago

Director of the Presidential Office for National Security of South Korea, Jong Young Yong, spoke about the undermining of confidence in Washington after the publication of the book by the former adviser to the US President on national security, John Bolton, “The room where it happened: memories of the White House.” The words of the politician are quoted by the South Korean agency Yonghap.

According to him, the book contained sensitive details of the negotiations between the leaders of South Korea and the States, Moon Jae In and Donald Trump. Jung Ny Young also criticized Bolton’s subjectivity, as most of the information in the book reflects his point of view, not the real facts. A South Korean politician noted that the details of the negotiations were disclosed without agreement with Seoul.

U.S. President Donald Trump dismissed Bolton in September 2019. The American leader explained this by serious errors that the adviser made. After that, Bolton wrote memoirs, fragments of which caused criticism of Washington. The American leader called the book a collection of lies.

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