In Spain, 92 thousand minks will be destroyed on the farm due to the outbreak of coronavirus

In Spanish Aragon, 92,700 minks will be destroyed from a farm in La Puebla de Valverde. The animals are owned by Secapiel, a company specializing in tanning and finishing leather and mink fur.

his is reported by the publication El Pais.

The executive body of Aragon made this decision after confirming that the coronavirus has spread among the majority of animals – 86%.

In May, the farm was temporarily quarantined after seven employees were diagnosed with the coronavirus. Then the minks were periodically tested for coronavirus.

Samples taken on May 28 and June 8 were negative. And already on June 22, the tests were positive in 16% of the tested animals.

Further, the number of tests was increased and the last test showed positive results in 86% of the animals.

The Aragon Department of Agriculture said they did not know how the infection occurred – from person to animal or vice versa.