In Spain, the quarantined area with 200 thousand inhabitants due to coronavirus

More than 200 thousand inhabitants of the Segria region in Catalonia were sent to strict quarantine due to the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 coronavirus

This was reported by Reuters.

The corresponding decision was made by the head of the Government of Catalonia, Kim Torra, based on epidemiological data.

“We decided to introduce restrictions in Segria due to data that confirm a too significant increase in the number of cases of COVID-19,” Torra said at a briefing.

Restrictions began to apply from Saturday, July 4. Authorities announced that from noon local time, traffic from and to the Segria region (which includes the city of Lleida) will be limited.

Residents could return to the area before 16:00.

Residents were urged not to travel between settlements without urgent need.

Those who work in other areas will be able to leave Segria, but they will need to provide a certificate from their employer. Control will be carried out using police checkpoints.

In the area, events involving more than 10 people, visiting nursing homes are also prohibited, the Air Force agency said.

Regional health authorities said on Friday that 3,706 cases of coronavirus were recorded in the area of ​​the Lerida municipality (compared with 3,551 the day before).