In the American elections found “red threat”

Donald Trump’s lawyers said the victory for the Democrats was ensured by “communist money” from China, Venezuela and Cuba

The headquarters of the US President-elect Joe Biden categorically denied accusations of large-scale fraud in the presidential elections, calling them “absurd” and “extremely false.” Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, lawyers for US President Donald Trump again accused the Democrats of “major fraud” and declared the election a “national collusion.” According to them, the ballots were counted by a company associated with the former President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez and the current leader of the country, Nicholas Maduro. And it was allegedly financed by “communist money” from China and Cuba.

“The next play by (Trump’s lawyer – Kommersant) Rudy Giuliani, as always happens during his speeches, revealed the absurdity of Donald Trump’s statements about election fraud. A number of courts, officials of both parties and even the Trump administration have confirmed that the allegations of large-scale election fraud are extremely false, ”said Mike Guin, a spokesman for Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters.

According to Mr. Guin, Donald Trump and “rabid Giuliani” cannot take and reverse the decision of the American people, who elected Mr. Biden as the president of the United States.
This reaction followed in response to a press conference by Rudy Giuliani and other lawyers of Donald Trump, which took place on Thursday in Washington. Mr. Giuliani once again stressed: “Donald Trump won the election, not Biden! Biden is leading because he got illegal ballots … Give us the opportunity and we will prove it in court. ” He expressed confidence that the same scheme was being implemented in a number of states to rig elections “in accordance with a plan that was coordinated centrally.” “These are cities that are historically considered corrupt,” explained Mr. Giuliani. He cited Detroit and Philadelphia as examples.

Donald Trump’s legal team member Sidney Powell has filed an even bigger charge. She said at a briefing that the fraud is international. “What we are really dealing with … is the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba and probably China on our elections in the United States,” she shared.

Powell, Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic Technology Software, which counted the vote in the election, “created the conditions for Biden to win.”
The first of these companies, Ms. Powell said, is owned by a Venezuelan businessman who has ties to the country’s leadership. “We have testimony of witnesses who spoke about such things (electoral fraud – Kommersant) in their countries, exported from Venezuela by Mr. Maduro and Mr. Chavez, Cuba, and, of course, we know that China has a significant presence in Venezuela and a deep interest in ensuring that Mr. Trump does not continue his work, said Ms. Powell and concluded: “This is foreign interference in our elections in the most criminal form imaginable.”

At the same time, Mr. Trump’s lawyers did not provide specific evidence of violations of the electoral process at the briefing. They only stated that they have accurate evidence that 682 thousand ballots were not inspected in Pennsylvania, which means that they cannot be taken into account. Meanwhile, the US Third Circuit Court of Appeals previously dismissed a claim by Republicans, who demanded to invalidate almost 10 thousand ballots that arrived in Pennsylvania late.

As a result, only about 2.3 thousand votes of the state’s voters were declared invalid. They arrived by mail and were rejected because they did not have a date stamp.

This decision was made on Friday night Moscow time.

Speaking about the press conference of President Trump’s associates, former CISA director Chris Krebs tweeted that it was “the most dangerous 1 hour 45 minutes of television broadcast in American history and possibly the craziest.” Mr Trump fired Chris Krebs from his position on Wednesday, arguing that his “recent statement about the security of the 2020 elections was extremely inaccurate, as there was massive violations and fraud.”

The US presidential election was held on November 3, but the final results have not yet been summed up. According to media reports, Mr. Biden is gaining 306 electoral votes, Donald Trump – 232. The required minimum is 270 votes.

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