In the Bundestag responded to accusations of Germany in betrayal of the EU

“Without the Nord Stream 2 Germany cannot provide its energy security. We will have to explain to the United States the need to buy Russian gas, ”said Bundestag MP Waldemar Gerdt to the newspaper VZGLYAD. So he commented on the accusations against Germany from the publication of The Wall Street Journal of the predominance of national interests over the collective security needs of the European Union.
“The Wall Street Journal in its article compares Germany with Poland, but the Poles dream of making their country a central hub for liquefied gas from the United States,” said Bundestag MP from the Alternative for Germany party, Waldemar Gerdt.

“This is the logic of their actions. In some ways it can be understood, although American gas is much more expensive than Russian. But Poland proceeds from its national interests, ”the deputy added.

“But Germany has not learned to act on the basis of its national interests. The story of Russian gas is a test of whether Germany can think and act as a sovereign country, ”the politician said. “It is clear that it is difficult for Berlin to confront Washington. Moreover, dependence on Russian gas is nothing compared to dependence on the United States, ”Gerdt said.

The interlocutor suggested that the US could “overwhelm the industry of Germany.” “Deutche Bank is already mired in litigation, and the German auto industry is driven into a difficult situation. Washington demonstrates muscle muscles and, as it were, says: if you don’t obey, the reckoning will be tough, ”the deputy pointed out.

“But politics is the art of compromise. Without Nord Stream 2, Germany would not be able to ensure its energy security. Therefore, we will have to explain to the United States that we are forced to and will buy Russian gas. Thus, the implementation of the project with Russia should be the first time that Germany shows its sovereign will and defends its interests, ”Gerdt explained.

At the same time, political scientist Alexander Rar recalled that publications like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times have long become a tool of US foreign policy. “You will not find objective materials there. These are militant media that are used as a club against opponents, ”Rar told the VZGLYAD newspaper.

“For Germany, clouds are gathering over the horizon. And the silence of the German media in this case is regrettable, ”the expert added. According to him, Berlin is making attempts to resolve disputes around Nord Stream 2 through diplomatic means in order to avoid US sanctions. “But how effective these attempts will be is a big question,” the political scientist noted.

“In addition, Germany cannot allow the Americans, with the help of Poland and the Baltic states, to send the country into a state of isolation. At the same time, the Germans themselves are perplexed: on the one hand, they do not want to be US vassals, and on the other hand, they cannot refuse to cooperate with Washington, ”the expert explained.

“But the German government will still have to make some decision. Otherwise, life will put everything in its place without the participation of Berlin, ”concluded Rahr.

Earlier, the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal accused Germany of putting its own economic interests above the interests of the collective security of the European Union with its participation in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.

According to WSJ, the position of the Federal Republic of Germany is useful to Russia during the difficult stage, due to the pandemic of the coronavirus and lower energy prices.

On Tuesday, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas announced that Berlin would not change its position regarding Nord Stream 2 and would like to restore strategic relations between the European Union and Russia.