In the country that won the coronavirus, they again found

In New Zealand, which last week announced victory over the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic, two new infections were discovered.

Infected – middle-aged country citizens who were allowed to return in a special order. They were in the UK. Arriving in the country, they went to self-isolation – tests showed that they tolerate the disease. They were allowed to violate the quarantine regime once to visit a dying relative.

Prime Minister Hasinda Ardern warned fellow citizens that these cases may not be the last, as more people are returning from abroad.

On June 9, the country’s authorities announced that they would be the first in the world to remove all restrictive measures introduced in connection with the epidemic, leaving only closed borders. On June 8, the last patient COVID-19 was cured there. Such success in the fight against the disease is explained in time by the quarantine measures introduced and enforced, as well as by the large-scale testing conducted by New Zealand.