In the Gulf of Guinea, pirates attacked a ship and took hostages

The incident took place on November 13 in the water area of Sao Tome – the capital of the state of Sao Tome and Principe. The invaders managed to get on board the ship, where 14 sailors were captured under threat of reprisals. In total there were 27 crew members on board, all of them are citizens of China, reports Dryad Global.

At the moment, the vessel was given an escort in the form of the Italian Navy ship “Federico Martinengo”. The ships headed for the port of Sao Tome.

Portal notes that the sailors are afraid to walk in the Gulf of Guinea because of the high risk of armed pirates.

According to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), in 2020 alone in the Gulf of Guinea, armed maritime gangs captured 80 sailors, or 95 percent of the total number of people hijacked at sea.

Earlier wrote that the tanker NAFELI II, whose crew consists of Russians, was attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea.

The incident took place about 170 kilometers off the coast of Nigeria. The ship was flying the flag of Panama. Citizens of Georgia and Ukraine are also on board.

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