In the mountains of the United States found a treasure for a million dollars

A chest full of jewels, a map with mysterious marks, a desperate journey towards the unknown … This romantic spirit has long faded even in the New World. Or not?

In 2010, the American rich man Forrest Fenn decided to become famous in an original way: he published a book of memoirs, where the location of the treasure was encoded in poetic form. No jokes. An 80-year-old (at that time) pensioner buried somewhere in the mountains of Montana a chest with a volume of 4-5 liters, stuffed with gold, rubies and other trinkets. Costing over a million dollars.

Where did Forrest Fenn get such money? “Antique dealer,” they say diplomatically. Not a pirate – and that’s good. But he explains his motive intelligibly:

“I wanted to bring people back to the craving for adventure, arouse a love of the wild, give hope to those affected by the Great Recession [economic recession],” the veteran explains.

“Pines and wormwood grow there, the place of the treasure is discernible beyond 5 meters.” This is one of the clues left in Fenn’s poems. There were nine such keys: all kinds of geographical landmarks, with the help of which, moving from point to point, one could find the desired one.

Ten years have passed since then. According to the estimates of the most eccentric rich man, 250 thousand treasure hunters tried to find the treasure of the 21st century. Many quit their jobs, giving all their time to fruitless searches. For some, the game of Montana’s Gold turned out to be the last: according to the Sheriff of Gallatin County, at least two unsuccessful treasure hunters got lost in the wilds and died, two more were on the verge of death and were miraculously saved by the rangers.

And here is the final. A certain traveler found a treasure, about which he wrote an e-mail to Fenn, accompanying the letter with photographs. The jolly grandfather was already under 90, and he didn’t expect that anyone would find the treasured chest during his lifetime. The name of the lucky one is not disclosed. Considering that because of the current unrest in the United States, the rich are looked askance there, precaution is not superfluous.