In the retreat Biden saw the pros

11 months ago

The most likely candidate from the US Democratic Party in the upcoming elections, former vice president Joe Biden so far only wins because of the need to wage a political struggle from home. The advantages of his retreat drew the attention of Politico.

According to the publication, despite the fact that the current American leader Donald Trump and his team regularly criticize and ridicule Biden in his speeches and social networks for his decision to maintain self-isolation and refuse to participate in mass events, including press conferences, the former vice the president managed to increase his advantage over the head of state in national polls. So, if in March, in the first month of Biden’s self-isolation, he was 6 percent ahead of Trump by opinion polls, then three months later his advantage increased to 10 percent. The latest poll, published by The New York Times on June 24, showed that the former vice president is already 14 percent ahead of the current president.

In the past few months, Biden has barely left his home in Delaware, confining himself to live streaming for voters and online interviews. For the first time in public after a long break, he appeared only at the end of May and since then attended only a few events, including a farewell ceremony with African-American George Floyd, who died after brutal police actions during his arrest. The politician made most of the trips either within his state or in the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey adjacent to it. In addition, Biden, unlike Trump, practically does not appear on federal channels, preferring to give interviews to local publications.

Thus, Politico writes, Biden does not attract too much attention and gives less reason to criticize himself, which compares favorably with Trump, whose actions as president are regularly covered in the media and are sharply criticized against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis. At the same time, some Democrats fear that the former vice president, adhering to a similar strategy, will not be able to attract young and more radical voters, who expect more activity and aggression from the potential leader.

“Perhaps now it works for him, but the Americans, the masses, are looking for a brave leader. We want someone who will demand justice and be as evil and passionate as we all are, ”said Yasmine Taeb, a member of the Virginia Democratic National Committee.

In May, The Wall Street Journal columnist Carl Rove advised Biden to continue to remain in the basement of his Delaware home and to speak less in public. According to him, during most of his public speeches, the politician makes a number of dubious remarks or cannot answer directly and specifically to questions, which negates the efforts of his staff.

In March it was reported that Biden, 77, was forced to carry out political activities from the basement of his home in Delaware, where he self-isolated due to coronavirus. Initially, the content produced by the politician was criticized for its low quality, but later on the former vice president managed to solve all technical problems and conduct regular live broadcasts.

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