In the U.S., a goat and a dog – the city’s mayors – raised money for a playground

In the U.S., a goat and a dog - the city's mayors - raised money for a playground

In the state of Vermont (USA) money for repairing a playground was collected by a goat and a dog, each of which was elected mayor of the town. The city manager’s idea of electing a mayor from pets was to raise money to rebuild the playground and get kids involved in a community effort.

In 2018, Fair Haven residents elected Lincoln the goat as their honorary mayor. Lincoln helped raise about $10,000, while the current mayor, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Murphy, raised $20,000. The city added another $20,000.

As Murphy’s dog owner Linda Barker admitted, before the pandemic she thought it would be easy to raise money through t-shirt sales. And with the pandemic, she switched to masks. Linda has made almost a thousand masks and will be making another batch for Valentine’s Day. She has raised more than $5,000 by selling masks and the same amount from “basket raffles.”

In addition, the city recently received a $50,000 grant from the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Ironically, the city’s honorary mayor won’t be able to visit the new playground, which has a “no dogs allowed” sign. Linda joked that Murphy intends to discuss the issue with his colleagues, as he is not happy with such a restriction.