In the U.S., a person has been reported to move anywhere on Earth in an hour. Is it possible?

12 months ago

U.S. media The Drive reported that retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Stephen Quast said at a meeting at Hillsdale College that the U.S. owns technology that allows you to take a man literally anywhere on Earth in less than one hour.

He added that such a technology can be created today, independently, and not as a development of existing practices. Quast didn’t reveal any details.

Quast previously served as the head of the U.S. Air Force Aviation Training Command at San Antonio base. The military, with more than 3,300 flight hours, including 650 in combat operations, retired in September. Perhaps, according to media reports, the reason could have been his remarks on space technology.

What exactly did the military have in mind is unknown, but back in April last year SpaceX president Gwynn Shotwell said that the transport system Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) can earn within 10 years. The system will be able to transport people to any place on the planet in less than an hour.

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