In the U.S., a writer on black supremacy was offered a post at the Justice Department

In the U.S., a writer on black supremacy was offered a post at the Justice Department

Kristen Clarke, who was picked by President-elect Joe Biden to be the head of the Civil Rights Office of the Justice Department, wrote about black supremacy.

The TV channel notes that this is one of the most important posts of the ministry. Clark is now president of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

Fox News published a letter Clark wrote to The Harvard Crimson in 1994. At that time she was president of the Association of Black Students. In the letter she spoke about her views on racial science and black supremacy.

“Human thought processes are controlled by melanin, the very chemical compound that endows black people with superior physical and mental abilities. (…) Some scientists believe that most whites are incapable of producing melanin (…) which may be considered a chemical justification for the cultural differences between blacks and whites,” Clark wrote. In her opinion, this proves the mental and physical superiority of black people.

The network recalled that in connection with the promotion, Clark promised to “turn the page on hate” and work to protect civil rights. According to Fox News reporters, she is unlikely to fight discrimination: this is allegedly indicated by her letter.

In December, Biden also nominated Native American Deb Haaland to head the Interior Department and former Fed chief Janet Yellen to head the Treasury Department. The new U.S. president nominated former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm for Secretary of Energy. Biden also invited his former rival, Democrat Pete Buttigich, to take over as Secretary of Transportation in the government.

The Senate will not consider the nominations until late January.