In the U.S., a WWE ex-wrestler died: he was saving his son

11 months ago

Former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard was taken to the ocean with his son. He sacrificed himself to save the child.

In the United States, WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard died saving his son. This is what The Washington Post writes about.

Gaspar, 39, and his son Arieux sailed Sunday afternoon on Marina Beach in Venice, California. At one point, they were swamped by a wave and a stream took them off the beach.

The rescuers tried to get them both out, but it didn’t work out because of the big waves and the size of the athlete, who weighs more than 120 kg. It is reported that the fighter told them to take the child first.

The rescuers listened to Gaspard and brought his son to shore. Then they returned to the ocean to rescue Gaspard, but could not find him for more than 16 hours. The athlete’s body was dumped ashore three days later.

Gaspard’s family thanked all those involved in the rescue operation and asked them to pray for him. Famous actor and wrestler Dwayne Rock Johnson honored the memory of his colleague by writing on Twitter that he was a great guy.

At WWE Gaspard, together with his partner JTG and was a member of the band Cry-Time. He completed his wrestling career in 2010 and began acting in movies and television, including Kevin Hart’s 2015 comedy “Get Hard”.

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