In the U.S. demanding a revision of the terms of financial aid to Israel

Americans for Peace Now, a nonprofit organization considered “pro-Israel,” called for the introduction of certain conditions for financial aid to Israel.

According to the data, until recently, aid to the Jewish state was untouchable in Congress, even among the country’s critics.

“If the U.S. wants to maintain peace and international law, we must make sure that our taxpayers’ money serves our foreign policy goals so that it does not go to human rights violations. If new settlements are legalized or existing settlements are expanded – these violations of international law will result in a concrete reduction in U.S. aid,” said Hadar Susskind, the group’s CEO.

He said the initiative would be a compromise for lawmakers who called last month for cuts in financial aid to Israel because of the 11-day fighting with Hamas.

“I want every proposal to start with, ‘I support aid to Israel. We need a middle ground,” he said.

Americans for Peace Now and J Street reported in April that they support a bill prohibiting Israel from using American money to “detain Palestinian minors, embezzle or destroy Palestinian property, forcibly resettle Palestinians or annex Palestinian territories.”