In the U.S. sell 20-year-old Honda S2000 with 55 kilometers of mileage

In the U.S. sell 20-year-old Honda S2000 with 55 kilometers of mileage

In the U.S. at an auction Mecum will be released from a hammer 20-year-old Honda S2000 with a run of 34 miles (55 kilometers). The car was purchased in 2000 as an investment, so the roadster is perfectly preserved both externally and technically. The unique S2000 was not put on the record, and two decades waiting for resale in dry areas.

The “time capsule” of Honda S2000 has an interesting story. The owner of the sports car, American Hedy Chirrincione, bought a new silver roadster in addition to the existing S2000 red. The scarlet two-door Chirrincione continues to ride until now, and the gray steel car was left in the garage until better times.

At the end of 2020, Chirrincione believed that 20 years was enough for the roadster to “insist”. The American, who recently turned 66, admitted in a conversation with The Drive that she was not young anymore and it was time “to give the S2000 to the connoisseur who will be able to enjoy this beautiful sports car”.

The exterior of the Honda with its open top is flawless: both the body and the black leather interior, as well as the tires of the Bridgestone Potenza S-02 of the S2000 look like that of a machine that just came off the conveyor. However, the brake discs are covered with rust from the long downtime.

Honda S2000’s technique is proven: under the hood is an atmospheric 240-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, gearbox – 6-speed “mechanics”, drive – on the rear axle. Factory options include an engine start button, air conditioning, audio system with CD changer, rear differential with increased friction and electric power steering.

Hedi Chirrincione wants to get 150 thousand dollars for the “time capsule”, and this is very optimistic, because last year a similar Honda S2000 with 153 km run was sold for 99 thousand dollars. However, the starting price of the lot has not yet been named, and the auction Mecum will be held in January 2021.