In the United States, a scientist was dismissed who refused to underestimate the figures for the victims of the pandemic. Why distort data and who benefits from it

12 months ago

As you know, all countries are now experiencing problems associated with the pandemic, various restrictions and prohibitions have been introduced. At the same time, information is constantly emerging about the distortion of data on the victims of the virus, but no one could have thought that this was possible even in the USA.

In order not to be unfounded, I will give a link to an article by the authoritative English publication The Guardian (read here), where Florida Health Department employee Rebecca Jones claims that she was fired for refusing to “manually change data”, which would remove restrictions for many businesses in Florida. Naturally, the state administration, headed by Governor Ron Desantis, rejects all sorts of accusations and claims that there was nothing like this and cannot be.

But, as you know, there is no smoke without fire, and this is evidenced by very interesting information received from the state of Georgia. There, the office of Republican Governor Brian Kemp was forced to apologize for reporting data showing a false downward trend in the incidence of the virus.

It is interesting that the governor of Florida was also previously accused of hiding information regarding deaths from coronavirus in Florida, there are already more than 2,000 of them, and the number of cases of infection has exceeded 50,000. If someone is not aware, then the state of Florida is one of the largest in number elderly people, and if distribution continues, the outcome for most residents will be disastrous.

Naturally, in order to whitewash themselves in the eyes of the public, the authorities got the “one-year-old” case on the table accusing Rebecca Jones of harassment (yes, women in the USA also have such cases). That is, while it was beneficial to the government, this business was forgotten, but as soon as its activities went against state policy, the administrative resource was turned on at the right time.

So who benefits from juggling numbers? US policy is driven by business interests; this is no secret to anyone. Entrepreneurs suffer huge losses due to the closure of the pandemic, so they are all interested in the restrictions being lifted and the business starting to come to life. Politicians, including governors, also understand this, because a forced downtime brings very great damage to the country’s economy, so something will have to be sacrificed sooner or later, in this case the elderly population of the state is at risk. When the most important thing is money (profit) and a large number of people are interested in this, any solution can be “pushed”, even in such, in our opinion, a democratic country like the USA.

Of course, the authorities did a good job of hiding the evidence in this case, it will be very difficult to prove something to Rebecca Jones now, especially since the case itself has now been brought to her. That’s what happens when a person goes against the system – it just breaks you …

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