In the United States, an African American policeman who has shot dead surrenders

10 months ago

In American Atlanta, Georgia, ex-policeman Garrett Rolfe surrendered to the authorities after issuing an arrest warrant against him and his partner. Roloff, his partner Brosnon, is charged with the murder of black Reichard Brooks in an attempt to detain him, reports TASS with reference to CNN.

An arrest warrant had been issued a few hours earlier and the suspected police had time to voluntarily appear at the prosecutor’s office.

Recall that the incident occurred on June 12: police found Brooks sleeping in a car while intoxicated. When trying to check his documents, Brooks resisted, took the stun gun from the policeman and tried to hide. Rolf shot several times at the runaway and he died from injuries in the hospital.

Rolfe himself is accused of murder, and his partner is an attack on the detainee. The incident caused a wide resonance in the city: mass unrest passed, and Atlanta police chief Erica Shields resigned.

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