In the United States began testing a new generation fighter

The United States began testing a prototype new generation fighter-bomber. This was in the second place, September 15, was reported by the weekly Defense News.

The publication refers to data received from the Assistant Secretary of the United States Air Force Will Roper. “We have already built and launched a full-scale demonstration model in the real world, and we have broken records in doing so,” he said in an interview with Defense News. According to Roper, the United States is ready to build a lethal apparatus “which has never existed before.”

The assistant minister did not elaborate on the details of the tests, since “almost all the details” concerning the new aircraft are classified. As stated in the publication, we are talking about the development of a whole family of military equipment, including space and unmanned aerial vehicles. However, Roper did not say anything about the flight performance of the prototype, but did not fail to note that the US Air Force was able to prepare a prototype of a new generation fighter and start testing it just a year after the analytical part of the work was completed.

Earlier, Profile wrote that members of Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters created an advertising campaign timed to coincide with the US presidential election. However, many drew attention to the unexpected choice of photography for her. For example, a poster calling for “support our troops” depicts a number of silhouettes of military men with machine guns and three fighters. Experts quickly determined that both the weapons and the aircraft shown in the photograph were Russian.