In the United States called the most powerful weapon of Russia in the Arctic

10 months ago

Not hypersonic missiles, but atomic icebreakers of the project 10520 (10521) of the Arctic type are the most powerful weapons of Russia in the Arctic, writes the American publication The National Interest.

The publication claims that Russia is one of the countries most prepared for global warming, since it has such ships at its disposal.

The advantages of the Arctic type icebreakers in the magazine are the used double hull design, which allows crushing ice without damaging the ship itself, as well as the shape of the bow (rounded stem) of the atomic ship and the possibility of ice flooding by injection of steam jets.

The publication also notes the possibility of an almost unlimited cruising range of the ship, which ultimately can be determined by food supplies for the crew.

In June 2016, at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg, the largest and most powerful two-reactor nuclear icebreaker in the world, the Arctic, the lead in project 22220 (LK-60Ya), was launched.

Ships of project 10520 (10521) of the Arctic type are the most massive Soviet (Russian) nuclear-powered icebreakers. In total, six such ships were built, of which four are currently utilized. Ships of project 10520 are planned to be replaced by icebreakers of project 22220.

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